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Price starting at $90 each service, cost will be more depending of Hairstyle elaboration.

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Please choose a date or multiple dates when you want to schedule a service appointment if a competition is longer when 1 day.

Terms and Recommendations.
Please note:
1. Advise us of any allergies or skin condition you may have, we will no be responsible for any skin reaction of our product.
2. We are not responsible for different results with mixing of products that we are unaware of.
3. We guarantee a dark tone, when tanning is applied the day before.
4. The Cancellation Policy.
5. When you request a time, we will have it in consideration. Due to the high volume of clients, we book accordingly start time of your first heat.

For best results we recommend to scrub body with cinnamon and sugar the night before. It's important your body is clean and free of lotion or oil.
Airbrush tan will take up to 15 min.
Service will be done in your room, notify us with your room number.
If you don't have a room, wite it on the comment or notes and we will provide you with location you can come to.
Allow 3 hours to wash hands.
Use dark loose clothing. preferably black.
Do not apply mosturizer, lotion, oil.