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Luis Rivera, born in Honduras knew his pasion for the arts, since he was a child. He began his professional ventures in the artistic world during his teenage years, when he decides to follow his dream by joining what was then known as one of Honduras most pretigious folkloric ballet company. Twelve years later, he funded his own production and dance company, where his idea was to inovate and apply all the experience and inspiration he had captured at that moment from his dance career and many tours that permit him to enjoy and explore different cultures around the world, and made him combine fashion and styling for shows. He travel to USA often to study Hair and makeup, and in his country, where he received the necesary trainning.

His journey led him to NYC in 2010, with the sole purpose of expanding his skills and exposure of his creativity. He was the director of the dance club for Brooklyn college foundation, has performed for Univision and other media events. Luis puts close attention to the hair & makeup styling in the ballroom industry following the beauty and high level skill this style requires, he started to develop one and it open the door to a new journey that has provided hair and make up in the ballroom dance to the famous hosts and celebrities, World Champions, and National & International Pro-Champions.


The combination of the dance world and entertainment along with fashion for the past 25 years of career, he has being able to develop a career.


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At the present he continues looking for inspiration and developing his skill taken high level education in MUD make-up designatory, to expand his aspirations. Luis is thankful and blessed to have a career that he loves. His passion for the arts and creativity is his life. His vision is one of a kind "Unique and Versatile glamour."


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