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We provide "Service On The Go" - we come to your location. From engagement photos to bachelorette parties and all the way to the day of your wedding, we have everything you need for your special day! We believe in making our brides feel like the most beautiful version of themselves. Our bridal philosophy calls for flawless, glowing skin and makeup and hair which don't move regardless of dance moves or tears. We are available for airbrush or traditional makeup, waterproof makeup, and individual lash application. Service packages available for bridal parties of any size.
Our prices: Hair & Makeup starting price $300; Trial Hair & Makeup starting price $180. Travel fees will be applied, based on location. Special group rate for Bride, 6 or more up to 8 hours! Request a quote for exact price or submit a booking form below.

Service Terms

1. Advise us of any allergies or skin condition you may have, we will no be responsible for any skin reaction of our product.
2. We are not responsible for different results with mixing of products that we are unaware of.
3. We guarantee a dark tone, when tanning is applied the day before.

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